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Walnut Grove Project

Story of
Walnut Grove

Did you know that the very location of our River Bowl Classic is where the historically black neighborhood, Walnut Grove once existed, between Lincoln Blvd and High Ave, and Reno Ave and E. Tena Ave (Oklahoma River). 


"The Grove" was a thriving, tight-knit community that was home for generations of Black residents. There were small businesses, schools, churches, and a strong social identity. The last few homes in the area existed well into the early 2000s. 

Like Walnut Grove, other historically Black settlements along the riverbanks, such as Sandtown, West Town, and South Town have largely been erased due to broader urban development ambitions. 

As we boldly engage the Black community on the water through our River Bowl Classic reunion, we proudly work to help preserve Black history by collecting oral histories from community members. In February 2024, we sought out and collected many rich histories as told by community members from these areas and others. This effort is in collaboration with the OU Institute for Quality Communities, the Landscape Architecture program at OU, and Metro Library.  


Our Mission

To recollect, remember, and educate the public about the history of Walnut Grove

White Washed Wood

Making A Difference


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